SfNP News and Annual Report

The SfNP Annual Report for 2012/13 is now published on the ARA website at http://www.archives.org.uk/si-new-professionals/section-for-new-professionals.html. If you’d like to know more about the section’s activities over the past 12 months please take a look through the report.

Following our AGM in November there have been some changes in the committee, as follows:

Stepping down

  • Emily Gresham, Publicity Officer
  • Jenny Mason, Events Officer
  • Sean Rippington, Treasurer
  • Jill Veitch, Web Officer
  • Louise Williams, Communication Officer

Voted in 

  • Frances Lund, Co-Chair
  • Keri Nicholson, Co-Communication Officer
  • Kelda Roe, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Rolt, Co-Communication Officer
  • Richard Wade, Events Officer
  • Karyn Williamson, Publicity Officer

Continuing in post

  • Fabiana Barticioti, Co-Chair
  • Kate Bevan, Careers Officer
  • Anna Crutchley, Secretary
  • Joanna Norledge, Training Officer

The handover for these changes has already begun and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all SfNP officers for their hard work over the year and welcome the new officers to the team.

Plans for the next Summer Seminar are already beginning to take shape and we will be representing the ARA in two upcoming events, one at the London Metropolitan Archives and another at the Department of Information Studies at University College London.

We’d like to wish all Off the Record readers all the best for a great holiday season and a nice rest if you are able to take some time off from work, study or job hunting!

Section for New Professionals Committee

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