Peer Pals

In September 2013 the Section for New Professionals launched its new Peer Pals Programme. This programme, which was piloted in 2012 under the name ‘e-mentoring’, aims to help bridge the gap between those starting out or considering training options, and those completing postgraduate courses and entering the workplace.

The Peer Pals Programme, which is conducted online, matches mentors and mentees with similar interests and expertise, and aims to encourage networking and the sharing of experiences to help demystify the process of getting into the archives, records management or archive conservation professions.

The Peer Pals handbook, available here to download, gives a detailed insight into the aims and outcomes of the programme, as well as outlining how you can become a mentor or mentee.

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill in the relevant profile form below and and return it to, indicating ‘Peer Pals Programme’ in the subject line:

Mentee form

Mentor form

If you have any further questions about the programme, please email