Article Categories

To find articles relating to specific topics, please have a look at the list below and click on the text in bold. Alternatively, you can explore our tag cloud at the footer of every page.

How I started – In this category of articles, established archivists and records managers describe their experiences of entering into the profession.

Publishing – This category of articles focus on process of publishing in one of the sector’s academic journals.

Networking and TrainingNetworking and training is the category reserved for articles relating to careers development and training.

Application AdviceThis category focuses specifically on the job hunting process, with advice and experiences from a range of professionals. (We will soon have a new page dedicated to the application process, with input from a range of hiring managers. Stay tuned to find out more!)

Advocacy – This category of articles discusses the importance advocacy and promotion within a professional setting.

Q&A Interviews with established professionals and authors are featured in the Q&A category.

Feature – This is our broadest category, where new professionals discuss their experiences of working and volunteering within the sector, as well as the new ways they are approaching record-keeping.

Covid Stories Recently, many new professionals have had their careers affected by COVID, and this section is dedicated to those stories.