The Joys of Getting Out of the Office – Benjamin Longden

Spare time on your hands? Want to connect with professional colleagues, and/or gain new skills and experiences? Why not volunteer?! Benjamin Longden, a recently qualified Archivist, is a member of the East Midlands ARA group and writes about what can be gained by volunteering your time.

Being an ARA Officer – Elisabeth Thurlow

This week’s post was written by one of our own. Elisabeth Thurlow, Communications Officer for the Section for New Professionals (SfNP) talks about the benefits of volunteering for the ARA (Archives & Records Association), and the professional and personal advantages it can provide.


New Professionals AGM

The Archives and Records Association Section for New Professionals (SfNP) will be holding its Annual General Meeting at 2.00pm onWednesday 20th November 2013 in … More